What vitamins help to reduce acne?

The fat-soluble natural acne treatment are vitamins A, D, E, K require protein carriers in the blood for transfer and are not readily excreted. They are stored in liver and fatty tissues. Toxicity can be an issue when excess amounts of these vitamins are taken over long periods.

Especially natural acne treatment are vitamin D, vitamin A or beta-carotene – they have the potential for toxicity because of accumulation in human body. Excess amounts of some minerals such as iron or copper, may also lead to toxicity.

The water-soluble vitamins B and C are generally excreted in the urine and do not accumulate in the body. An exception to this rule is vitamin B6, which can produce peripheral neuropathy in some people.

Vitamins when taken in excessive amount over long periods

The Recommended Dietary Allowances or RDAs are suggested levels of essential vitamins and minerals considered adequate to meet the nutritional needs of most healthy persons. The RDAs are typically revised every five to ten years, based on new research.

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