New varicose vein surgery offered

Traditional operations involve removing or stripping a vein which requires a stay in hospital and can be painful. The new procedure uses a catheter and radio waves within the vein to shut it down and redirect the blood flow. The procedure is available at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport and Glan Clwyd in St Asaph Denbighshire. Patients only need a local anaesthetic for the operation which involves a small cut in the leg for the catheter to be put in and just a few minutes of treatment. Teresa Raikes who suffered from painful varicose veins for years was one of the first patients to have the procedure done at the Royal Gwent Hospital. She said:

“My leg aches a lot and my veins are unsightly so I either have to wear trousers or dark tights but I plucked up the courage to have them done. It was mostly stinging and a little bit of pressure.”

Consultant vascular surgeon David McLain explained how all sides benefited from the new operation. Surgeon said:

” We have done this in a fairly simple treatment room under local anaesthetic. We’ve been able to avoid using lots of other staff and lots of other expensive equipment.”

Training centre

The procedure called the VNUS closure was pioneered by a private company and costs just over 600 per patient. At present, it is only available in Newport and St Asaph but according to surgeon Ahmed Shandell it will soon be offered across Wales. He said: “We have set up a training centre to train all the surgeons in Wales Best Varicose Vein Pain Natural Solution Review In McWhorter so this can be rolled out training-wise over the next six months and should be available in all hospitals in 12 months


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